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Anonymous Requested: Get to know The Undertaker


sir are you interested in this cup product?? Is that what’s going on here???? could you please decide whether you’re looking over here or looking downward is this some kinda weird morse code sir I don’t understandddd and my face is burning sir please

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As a trans woman, I can’t:

  1. Be femme (because I’m “over-performing” my gender, to quote Julie Bindel, and reinforcing the patriarchy besides by relying on harmful stereotypes of womanhood)
  2. Be butch or even not femme (because therapists wouldn’t even listen to me if my gender expression wasn’t Princess Peach [you ever think of that as an explanation, Julie Bindel?])
  3. Be assertive (because I’m “exercising my male privilege” and “innate masculinity” [because saying women can’t be confident is good feminism])
  4. Be passive (again, reinforcing the patriarchy)
  5. Be straight (because I’m “actually a deranged gay man desperate to fit into the patriarchy”)
  6. Be gay (because I’m “actually a deranged straight man desperate to get my dick into lesbian-only spaces”)
  7. Have sexual reassignment surgery (because it’s “unnecessary genital mutilation” according to people for whom it is completely unnecessary and “won’t make [me] a woman any more than shoving a vacuum down one’s pants makes them a man” [how right you are, BEING A WOMAN MAKES ME A WOMAN])
  8. Not have sexual reassignment surgery (because I’d be faking it if I wanted to keep my penis and having a penis makes me a horrifying nuclear reactor of masculine rape energy that will trigger everyone around me even if I wear two layers of tights over underwear and under pants and never remove any of them)
  9. Ever use a bathroom ever, you disgusting deviant, just your existence is harassment
  10. Get any support from the Salvation Army, who would literally just let me die on their steps
  11. Automatically assume that someone who identifies as feminist or even queer is a friend to me
  12. Ever know with certainty that I wasn’t fired or just didn’t get a job at all because someone along the line realized I’m trans
  13. Travel without being detained for years because my passport says M and I’m F
  14. Date anyone without being afraid that telling them will repulse them to the point of murdering me and then literally submitting to a jury of their peers that my being transgender was so horrifying that it drove them temporarily insane 

But, you know, being called ‘cis’ on the Internet sounds rough too.

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I wanted to experiment with this one..There was a look.. a feeling that was in my head, but it came out way different from what I envisioned. Not sure that’s a good thing. Sometimes it is, because it can take you to exciting places, but sometimes it’s a frustrating feeling that you were unsuccessful in properly translating your vision on paper. Anyway, as frustrating as it was, it wasn’t a total loss. Maybe I’ll revisit it and try a different look.

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Public Service Announcement: this video is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. (x)


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