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This, ladies and gentlemen, is pure sexism in everyday society.

Casual observation that it’s mostly girls drooling over guys and then calling the girls whores

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Review: Song of the Spring Moon Waning by E.E. Ottoman

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Song of the Spring Moon Waning coverStudent Wen Yu is studying for the Emperor’s exams when a note is slipped under his door asking him to return the song thrush given into his care while the owner was sick. The only problem is that Wen Yu was never given a song thrush.  Although Wen Yu tries to put the mystery of the note aside to continue studying for his exams, he is unprepared when a second note…

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If you are part of a privileged group and have to constantly demand that somebody in an oppressed group say “not all (insert privileged group here) are like that” 

what you are really demanding is that they reassure you that you’re not like that and you’re not being held accountable 

which is a cowardly thing to do and also shows the great lengths you will go to in order to avoid examining your role in a toxic system

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Due to some of the vile shit being spouted by certain high-profile media brand cofounders, and the steady torrent of ignorance and bullshit being perpetrated by empty-skulled administrators, let’s review.


1) when describing a specific automobile problem I.e. “That tranny is busted.”

2) when speaking ill of Neil Young’s failed 1982 album-length experiment in electronic music: "Trans is awful and anyone who thinks otherwise is insane."

3) when reminiscing with your college friend about your failed startup idea from the early 00’s that was meant to compete with Yahoo and AOL’s messaging platforms but from a uniquely female perspective; "SheMail was a failed experiment from the beginning. It just felt affected and weird."

4) when, as a television executive, you are admitting that the pilot episode of the buddy cop show which is about a seasoned detective teamed up with a baby bird may not make the cut; "Chick With A Dick is gonna have to go."

5) When trying to support a particular member of the Addams family about a new self-imposed depilatory program; "It hasn’t removed enough body hair, It really isn’t even trying."

6) When, in the inevitable misandrist utopia, men are ground up as an ingredient in paint and someone uses said paint to signify, by means of daubing a set of symbols on their lintel, where on a particular road their dwelling is located: "That is a man-in address right there."

7) Literally nowhere else.

This is amazing. Bravo.

One of the most insightful things I’ve ever read about eating disorders and body esteem in general was a comment on my blog a while ago that I regret being unable to find now. The writer was saying that most people think girls want to be skinny because of Hollywood and Vogue. This girl wanted to be skinny because she wanted to be a protagonist. She didn’t expose herself to mainstream fashion magazines or TV; she was interested in art films and books and indie music. But no matter how alternative the movie, the protagonist was almost always skinny. And wanting to be a protagonist means wanting to be someone, as most people do. Apparently, your story is only worth hearing, you’re only someone, if you’re skinny—it’s like, the blueprint of a human. Once that’s down, you’re allowed to be as interesting and protagonist-y as you want! Apparently. No matter how much people our age have been raised on girl power and believe in yourself and you are beautiful, ignoring the beauty standards of the culture we live in is close to impossible. And as this lady pointed out, these standards and expectations exist outside mainstream culture like reality TV and tabloids; they exist in punk and indie cultures, in “artsy” Tumblr cultures that are all about looking like a fairy, but only if you’re a skinny white girl.



Any time someone asks me if “I’m too old for that”, I just direct them to Advanced Style.

My future

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this evening I successfully deadlifted 155lbs which means that I can now deadlift more than my body weight.



Duende is a fantasy M/M short story by E.E. Ottoman, set in the Mechanical Universe. Preorder your copy by 9/9 to save 15% off the cover price and earn reward points toward your next orders!

Famed opera singer Aimé has a lot in common with Badri, the Royal Ballet Company’s most popular male lead. They have both dedicated their entire lives to their art, and struggle to be taken seriously among the Empire’s elite. And both harbor a secret admiration and desire for the other. 

This year for his birthday Aimé treats himself to a night at the ballet seeing Badri perform, and after the show decides to meet Badri and confess his admiration for Badri’s skill. But when that first awkward meeting turns to more, they are left wondering if there is room in their lives for both career and romance…

All preorders are available for purchasers to download the night before the release date (at app. 8:00 p.m. the night before) and LT3 sends an email notification when you can download your copy. Reserve your copy today!

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Paranormal Romance/ Lesbian and Trans Romance

Summery: An-An Li-Johnson lives an easy-going, quiet life. She works part time at her friend’s bookstore, is active in the local LGBTQ scene, manages to avoid the occasional crazy ex, and does temp work for the big name spell-craft firm Simon and Davidson.

Then she’s hired to work with M.C. Anderson, an up and coming exorcist at Simon and Davidson. M.C. is deeply involved in the world of high stakes spell-craft, determined to carve out a place for herself among the extremely hierarchical and old fashioned world of professional exorcists. As they work together on an intense case of demonic possession, An-An finds herself more and more intrigued by her new boss. But just as the relationship looks like it might be deepening into something more, the case suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Much, much worse.

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From Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Selume-Proferre-E-Ottoman/dp/1620042797