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This is wonderful.

I’ll always reblog this. Women don’t need to be robbed of their sexuality once they pass a certain age.

love, love, love this.

I think I own postcards of some of the original paintings.

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The best thing about heteronormativity is that straight people make signs like these.

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Children wearing grotesque heads, ca. 1934.

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Wings of Destruction by Victoria Zagar will only be the special preorder price of $3.39 until 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight October 14, 2014!

Society has collapsed, driven to madness after a great economic crash. Gangs roam the streets, taking any man, woman or child without a Mate for their own.

Martin is on the brink of despair, an asexual man who cannot keep a Mate. Facing a life he cannot bear, he heads to Spire Rock to end it. But when he reaches it, he encounters Anael, an angel sent to assess the world for destruction—and the first to accept Martin exactly as he is.

Teaming up with former gang concubine Sarah, they journey to the Tower of Elysius to end the world. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and some angels have plans of their own…

  • Pairings: Asexual Fantasy, Gay Urban Fantasy
  • Word count: 20,000
  • Price: $3.99 $3.39
  • Content: Features some descriptions of (past) sexual abuse and rape, as well as mentions and descriptions of self-harm and suicide.

*reads description of romance writing workshop*:"How to get inside the head of a man so you can write realistic male characters that are still big, strong heroes" 

*looks at notes for dapper dandy/twink story*

*looks at open edits for latest nonbinary f/f story*

*looks at open WIP for effeminate older gay man/bisexual hipster biker story*

It is times like these I wonder what the hell I am doing with my career.


[image description: two tweets by malindalo. “I will also say, as a POC & lesbian, I have NEVER lived in an all white/straight world. That has NEVER been normal for me.” “So you know I get a little annoyed when people are like, diversity is unrealistic. It’s not like my life is unreal. I’m alive.”]

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New Rich Life Collection from Pop Up Plus NY. All looks are under $50.00 making it affordable for all. Check it out!

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BOOM CLAP the sound of my heart

this woman is gorgeous! :D

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We’re looking for more contributers to join us here at Bisexual Books! 

Sadly we can’t pay you.  This is a labor of love.   However, in exchange for your labor you’ll be joining three kick-ass bisexuals who are passionate about the power of stories and information to improve the lives of real people.  We’re creative, open to new ideas, and very flexible when real life takes priority.

Now down to business.   

We feel like we’ve got this cis thing covered, so we’re looking for 1-2 transgender bisexuals to join our motley crew.   We’re using transgender as an umbrella term here so as long as you identify as trans in some way, that is good enough for us.  WE ARE SO NOT ABOUT IDENTITY POLICING. 

 What else are we looking for? You must:

  • Be a reader, i.e. you must read for fun regularly.  You self-define what this means.
  • Have the time to put up one review, essay, ask, or analysis of at least 3 paragraphs once a week.  You can always do more if you’d like.
  • Pass along things of interest so we can fill up the queue
  • Speak and write in fluent English
  • Value self-definition and intersectionality
  • Be over 18 (since we review erotica here)

Some things would be neat but not required:

  • If you regularly read adult fiction (especially science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction)
  • If you read in another language than English
  • Members of historically disadvantaged communities encouraged!!!

Interested parties should email us at bisexualbooks@gmail.com  Tell us a little bit about yourself including your age, location, and pronouns along with a writing sample.   This could be a review of a book, or a few paragraphs of something relating to bisexuality.  We want something that shows us who you are and why you are awesome :)

Deadline is October 30th.   

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wood wolves

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